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Our company was born out of the will of its creator, EDUARDO DEGOBI RÊGO, to democratize access to variable income investments in Brazil. We offer safe, accessible and accurate solutions so that traders are able to achieve consistency in their operations in the most diverse world markets. 15 years of experience and success in real operations, studies and research make the Vortex Method and Vortex Robots tools capable of positively transforming the trader's life, whether beginner or experienced. 


To support the excellence of its performance and ensure its constant development and improvement, we have a policy of conduct and transparency that guides all our actions.



To act in the promotion of research and personal development of users, as an agent of services, products and trader support institution.



  • Our work is important to the trading community.

  • We are proud to work with traders

  • We seek to understand and meet the demands of traders.

  • Together we can more.

  • Our activities are guided by ethics.

  • We respect the ideas, options and differences of society as a whole.

  • Leadership is done by example.

  • We are innovative in what we do.

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Hi investors! My name is Eduardo Degobi Rêgo, a trader from Rio de Janeiro with more than 15 years of experience in the most diverse markets (B3, Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, etc.). There are more than 50,000 hours between operations, analysis, research and development of indicators, strategies and robot operators.

Throughout my professional life, I have always understood that I should share, share the knowledge acquired. I studied Law, Psychology and Social Communication, but it was in the financial market that I found the possibility of fulfilling my dream of teaching, passing on my knowledge.


After years of success with manual operations and 3 years of total immersion in research and development, I created Vortex Investimentos and my first trading robot, the Vortex Profit Accelerator - EA Trade System™ ("VPA"), which is today the VORTEX FOREX ROBOT, leader software in automated technical signals for Metatrader 4 platform and later ROBÔ VORTEX B3 leader software in automated technical signals for Metatrader 5 platform.

The great success of "VPA" on the Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms led me to the challenge of structuring a manual, simple and effective methodology to be used in the Index and Dollar segments of B3 and currency pairs, commodities and metals of Forex. Thus was born the Vortex Method™

The Vortex Method™ arises from my insatiable desire to facilitate and democratize access to variable income investments in Brazil. A shortcut that unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to follow but that today I make available to everyone! Welcome to the Vortex™ Method!


Good trades!





The method is spectacular, if the trader wants to, he can take almost everything from the ups and downs, it's incredible. The training is very well explained, Eduardo is amazing!


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